January 2012 – Due to the Holidays we skiped this month.

February 2012 – Simtra Triple IPA- Triple IPA brewed with Citra and Simcoe hops. 11 % ABV and 106 IBU’s. Simtra is now available year-round in limited quantity.

Other Releases during the month of February:  Totally Knee Deep in Sacramento Beer Week 2012 (Session IPA 4.3% ABV) & Collaboration Brew with Triple Voodoo (Double White IPA)

March 2012 – Belgian Style Rye Ale

June 2012 – Imperial Red Ale – Now Called McCarthy’s Bane Imperial Red Ale – Available year-round starting in September 2012.

This hoppy, imperial red ale is brewed with rye, hopped up with Amarillo, Chinook and Cenntienial and aggressive amounts of hops where added to the tank.  Comes in around 9% ABV and to many IBU’s to list.

July 2012 – Bob’s Bourbon Barrel Stout. Will be released in two waves. 1st = no barrel age, 2nd = Jack Daniels Barrels.

August 2012 – Hop Shortage Triple IPA brewed with centennial and chinook hops.  If you liked Simtra, you will love this one.

September 2012 – California Brown Ale

October 2012 –  Double Dry Hopped, Double Wheat IPA (Apollo 55) – This beer had such great reponse that we will be brewing this again for the December MEPS and after some fine tuning will be a new year round beer called Apollo 55.

Apollo 55 is a wheat based Imperial India Pale Ale. Brewed with over 55% wheat malts and Apollo hops.  Don’t mistaken this beer for your typical wheat beer. This is a very hoppy Imperial Wheat IPA.

November 2012 – No Name IPA – This MEPS IPA provides a crisp and dry finish that comes with huge proportions of fruit and citrus flavors that are derived from the generous amounts of citra hops used.  Oh ya, this IPA does not lack in aroma, so beware.

December 2012 – Double Black Rye IPA (Midnight Hoppyness) – This one clocks in at 9.5 % ABV and over 100 IBU’s.  This one will also be available in bottles soon. Will be named Midnight Hoppyness.