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Make no mistake – Todd Morgan is not an Elvis impersonator or mere (and often trite) “tribute” artist to past rock pioneers. He wisely makes no attempt to vocally mimic the “down home Delta” or “Mississippi-to-Memphis” musical dialects of earlier artists. Comfortable in his own skin and musical sound, he happily employs his own fine, tenor voice – aided by an impeccable ear and killer instrumentals – to capture the essence of the founding artists in that early, highly-innovative era of nascent, eclectic, rock ‘n roll. He simply “gets it,” as though being a musical empath who, in taking some personal mystical path back through the creative past of popular music, has picked up (or more properly, absorbed) the entirety – including the very nuances – of each artist’s signature styles, until, upon return, he is magically, uniquely, able to recreate the original sound.