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Seth Kaminsky is a singer/songwriter from Savannah, Georgia who describes himself as, “just a guy wanting to encourage, relate, and entertain others through some honest acoustic- driven music.” Originally starting out as a drummer in his middle school band, he quickly developed a love for music and eventually took on the guitar as well as singing while he progressed through high school. “Creating just always made sense to me as musician,” he says. “From the very beginning, I saw learning music as a means to create something I could call my own.” Combining his love for honest, relatable lyrics with a desire to engage and connect with people, Seth works relentlessly to create and share his music in an intimate, yet entertaining, way all with a guitar and his voice.

Over the years as he has continued to refine this idea, he has also stayed active in the drumming community. Often times this gift has acted as a door toward finding a platform to share his songs.
​Today, Seth resides in the Sacramento, California area where he teaches drums and continues sharing his music. His first EP was released March 20th.