Charitable Donations

Knee Deep Brewing Company is proud to support the local community. If you would like to request a donation for your event, please fill out the form below. We receive a large number of requests for donations and unfortunately, we cannot support them all but we will do our best.

  • As per California ABC law, we are unable to donate
    merchandise at this time
  • Please submit your request no later than 30 days
    before the day of your event
  • Please fill out this form to help us determine whether your
    event meets our guidelines for a beer donation
  • You will receive a response within 2
    weeks of your request
  • Please note, per ABC law, we can only consider non-profit 501(c)3 organizations with an ABC special daily license in the non-profit’s name for beer donations

Are you a tax-exempt 501(c)3 organization?

If YES, please provide us with your information below.
If NO, we’re sorry, but by law we cannot make donations of alcoholic beverages to non-tax exempt organizations

Will you be applying for an ABC special daily license for your event? (required)

Are you requesting a donation for beer to be served or beer for a raffle/auction item? (required)

Will you be providing ice and cups for your event? We are unable to provide them for you. (required)

Will you be providing tables and chairs for us to set up on? (required)

Will other alcoholic beverages be served? If yes, list below.

Will our beer be sold or poured for free? (required)

Will Knee Deep Brewing be mentioned in any marketing materials? (required)